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Designed and developed with a legacy of energy industry experience, SenaptCRM is optimised to run only on the infrastructure it needs and no more,maintaining a responsive and stable user experience.

With a zero upfront costs for energy suppliers, yet sufficiently scalable to satisfy the demands of the changing energy landscape - Senapt EaaS innovative, cloud -native platform and consumption based pricing model delivers a win for all.


consumption based charging model

Senapt’s mission: To provide our suppliers with innovative software solutions in preparation for the challenges presented by tomorrow’s energy industry.

With Senapt's Consumption Based Charging Model, the charge for use is determined by the sale of Kwh through Senapt's platform – reducing supplier infrastructure charges and stemming cashflow.

Electricity charge

0.2235 p/kWh

Example cost

Gas charges

0.0789 p/kWh

Example cost


Senapt EaaS benefits

Our advanced EaaS platform will help a household save at least 28% on their energy bill

  • Removal of third party DCC Adapter fees
  • Removal of third party DTN/XOSERVE connection fees
  • Removal of broker acquisition fees
  • Removal of peak time Transmission Network charges through active demand management
  • Removal of peak time Distribution Network charges through active demand management

Price factor module to ensure every critical cost components are covered

Our Product Management will allow a supplier to ensure inclusion of all the critical cost components that affect a tariff from both regulatory and business perspective. This will allow the supplier to actively track their exposure and ensure that the tariff is profitable from day one.


Innovate your product using our Time of Use management module

Senapt facilitates flexibility across the social spectrum with innovative Time of Use tariffs supporting EV owners, vulnerable consumers and those in financial difficulty, offering the chance to adapt their energy habits in order to achieve significant cost savings.


Advance debt management system using Artificial intelligence to monitor, manage and escalate breached debt thresholds

  • Offer payment holidays for those struggling to make payment due to COVID crisis
  • Credit check during acquisition process
  • Affordability check for debt repayment using the open banking system
  • Add adhoc payment (repayment plan) to help clear the debt
  • Debt awareness
  • Switch to Repayment mode automatically when debt increase

We support multiple payment methods

We support all six different Fixed and Variable payment methods, including multiple customer debit and credit cards, ad hoc payments and Crypto-currencies -indicative of future proof technology.

Automated real-time processing of broker files

Fully automated, our broker management module was built to provide significant value for energy suppliers.

  • Allows supplier to directly connect to broker's system to complete the switch in real-time
  • Records daily sales and commission for each broker
  • Validates address and meter details against ECOES and XOSERVE database before registering the customer
  • Keep track on the registration status for each customer
  • Generate reports to validate against broker invoices and backing data

Support for bundling sustainability Energy products and services:
Going beyond Conventional Thinking

There is an opportunity for energy efficiency to be part of attractive offering. Energy bundles, in a range of different flavors - adding solar panel, boiler insurance and intelligent lights bulbs etc as standard offering is the way forward. Most importantly, bundling together a group of products and services can expand product pricing and drive recurring revenue.


Helping your
transition to
the smart grid

A transition is a process

As energy moves into the future, suppliers will need to support customers with traditional and older versions of meters.

Senapt’s highly automated functions still apply to traditional meters, ensuring as the energy industry moves forward, no customer is left behind.

Simplifying your future operations

Smart Grid


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