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The change and the transformation happening in the energy sector is more rapid than it has ever been before. The transition to low-carbon fuels is occurring faster than expected to achieve the target to obtain zero carbon emissions by 2050. The electric car market is growing quickly, the government granted Smart Data Communication Company (DCC) to establish and manage a new data and communication network to connect all the smart meters. These smart meters are rolling out rapidly, with already 4.3 million smart meters in the DCC network, Vehicle to the grid, also known as (V2G) technology is an emerging technology that enables an opportunity for consumers to sell back energy back to the grid from the battery of an electric car.

Without intervention, we were about to miss the greatest opportunity to help a whole generation to become sustainable. So, we decided to build a new energy services platform from SCRATCH. One that connects directly to the DCC to put the FULL benefits of the smart metering program into the hands of consumers. One that will use the latest technologies to make energy CHEAP by removing most of the 67% of energy bills that are not related to energy. And more importantly, one that would usher in a new energy market – one driven by transactions – allowing anybody to sell energy to anybody using the DCC as the communications medium. A novel new way of doing energy.

Senapt’s Energy-as-a-Service platform, SenaptEaaS, is a customer-centric, DCC Native, Cloud Native and Energy Native supply management platform, purpose-built from the ground up, to deliver the benefits of the energy revolution into the hands of both suppliers and consumers. SenaptEaaS offers a three-pronged approach which focuses on helping suppliers meet the expectations of consumers in the new energy world while providing consumers with the tools they need to understand and save money on their energy usage.

We are the first transaction-based platform for energy services.

•   Free to install and setup 
•   Free migration help 
•   No Fixed monthly charge 
•   We only charge a commission for energy (per kWh) sold through us


Our Mission

Senapt's mission is to enable mass adoption of energy efficiency and sustainable lifestyles and to deliver the benefits of the energy revolution into the hands of consumers.


Meet the team

Farouk Alhassan


Dirk Lemmermann

Technical Director

Andrew Chin

Senior Commercial Analyst

Bijay Thapa

Operations Director

Pragya Lamsal

Senior Software Engineer

Linden Dance

Creative Director

Julian Coles

Software Engineer

Hency Soni

Senior Product Designer

Bibek Gurung

Finance Advisor

Stuart Scott

Energy Industry Expert

Sunam Rana

Technical Service Engineer

Frank Duesbury

Software Developer

Owain Bailey

Software Developer

Bala Mounika Koudori

Testing and Verification Systems Specialist

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