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Senapt Energy-as-a-Service Platform

Senapt EaaS

The first energy transactions platform for energy sellers and energy buyers.

Embracing the smart energy revolution

As the energy landscape has continued to change, retail electricity providers have been looking for strategies to meet the ever-growing, ever-changing demands for their customers.

Senapt's products have been designed to help you to facilitate this changing relationship and allow you and your customers to seize the opportunities of the smart grid.

Our mission


of people would like the ability to monitor their energy usage in real-time with connected smart devices

Data taken from a Smart-Energy survey


the projected rise in energy usage by 2030 due to population increase and device usage.

Data taken from a Smart-Energy survey

Senapt's technology has helped Northern Gas Heating create a business environment where ideas flow into solutions seamlessly

Nadeem Ahmed



Senapt's Energy-as-a-Service platform is a holistic approach to the new era of sustainable energy with an imperative to drive the cost of energy down for the consumer without affecting the profitability of the supplier.

Farouk Alhassan

Senapt Founder & CEO


The future needs customer focused solutions

Senapt offers a three-pronged approach to help supplier meet the expectations of their customers in the new energy world while also providing consumers with the tools they need to master their energy usage.

The Senapt customer CRM

The SenaptEaaS gives suppliers the tools to be ready for the bold new world

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for energy consumers to understand their energy needs

  • Access to deep data analytics to help understand your energy consumption
  • Set usage alerts and thresholds to actively control energy costs
  • Understand the carbon footprint of your energy consumption
  • Pay energy bills using a wide variety of payment methods

myWatts energy dashboard

The SenaptEaaS gives suppliers the tools to be ready for the bold new world

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for EV owners to buy energy and have the bill added to their home energy bill

  • Leverage your EV tariff both at home and away from home
  • Add roaming EV charges back onto home energy bill
  • Manage charging schedules online
  • A globally unique ID for your EV
  • Secure transfer of EV ownership with DVLA checks

evXcen Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platform

The SenaptEaaS gives suppliers the tools to be ready for the bold new world

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Part of a bigger group of companies under the Tomato brand, Tomato Energy are an energy provider supplying electricity across the UK.

Tomato Energy are already extending the benefits of Energy-as-a-Service by offering low rates to their customers with the confidence of no fixed-term or exit charges.

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